Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nutkin has emerged from his mid life crisis.

Aged 40 this year Nutkin has had a make over and is now ready to go out on holiday.

We decided to give Nutkin a face lift over the winter which we thought would be an easy paint job, but like anything with VWs it is always a bigger job!

We started by striping back the paint and found quite a rusty roof where from a previous life in South Africa wetsuits had been hung out to dry, leaving salt deposits on the roof... a large section of new roof needed to be welded in.

Three months later Nutkin emerged from the garage, bright and shiny with an appetite for exploring. So far he has been out to weddings, a company birthday party and the more normal experiences of tootling around Cornwall discovering the attractions of life in Cornwall.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

VW Camper Hire in Devon - Bay WIndow Westfalia SO67.

A few weeks ago we managed to get a few days away and spent some time at Ladram Bay near Sidmouth, Devon. We took our spare bus from from the VW Camper Hire fleet www.campersincornwall.co.uk this is a '71 Westfalia SO67, RHD from South Africa known to us a Nutkin. We have left it as orginal as we can even down to keeping the original flooring. Underneath it is solid as a solid thing, but when we bought it, all the running gear was wrecked, so new suspension, engine and brakes have been fitted. The kids loved it and although cold at night it was great.
We were also trying one of our new Kyham awnings from Fishbrain, www.fishbrain.biz. They are very easy to erect and survive the winds of Devon an Cornwall.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Eden Sessions

The Eden project have announced the first of their Sessions for 2010. Jack Johnson will be playing on 26th June 2010. We can let you make the most of the experience by VW Camper Van Hire from us at Campers in Cornwall. We can help you find a campsite which is in walking distance of the Eden project which we used last year. We took Sherbie to the Oasis gig which was awesome!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Run to the Sun 2010 (RTTS)

VW Camper van hire in Cornwall for one of the big parties in Newquay?

Do you want to come to the South West and party the weekend away in Cornwall? - Run to the Sun 2010 is this years event in Newquay 28th - 31st May. Campers in Cornwall can provide vw camper van hire for your cool ride (and bed!) for the weekend. Hire your vw camper van from us , check out the busses, Skippy or Sherbie the split screen VW's for the full retro look or one of the Bay windows, George or Molly, for the more practical VW camper.There is a Car show (Show and Shine) on the Sunday morning in Newquay where you could take our VW camper van and feel part of the vibrant South west VW camper scene. Just make sure you don't get caught out on any tricky questions if you pretend the camper van is yours!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

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